Got Job is a comprehensive firefighter and EMT/paramedic job search website with fire service career opportunity data specializing in firefighter oral interview prep, firefighter psychological prep, fire fighter and EMT/paramedic practice tests, and CPR certification resources. Another feature are our teacher certification and nurse certification study guides/tests to help the firefighter nation and their families succeed in these noble professions. If you have an employment or certification test to prepare for, we have practice exams and prep manuals to maximize your performance. In the fire service industry alone, for every one opening, there are approximately 100 candidates applying. With this kind of competition, every point counts. The key is to be better prepared than the other candidates.

"Find me a job" is a very common inquiry at the fire academies. Every year, thousands of firefighter recruits dedicate hundreds of study hours and thousands of dollars in becoming a firefighter, but  are not taking the fire department pre-employment hiring and screening process seriously enough to get a firefighter job. Only after a fire department candidate passes all the pre-employment tests with excellent ratings, then a job offer will be extended. Achieving "most valuable recruit" of your class, or getting straight A's in your Bachelor's degree studies, or obtaining a Master's degree will not get you a job offer. To get a fire job, a fire department candidate must maximize their performance in all the pre-employment tests. Finding a fire job is becoming more difficult. So when a fire job opportunity presents itself, the firefighter candidate must be prepared.

We are a one-stop job listing, hiring data and fire job test preparation website designed to help the firefighter and EMT/Paramedic job applicant gain success in their profession. The firefighter career building link describes the job of a firefighter, nature of the fire service, firehouse work environment, wages, job outlook, education and training requirements, and projected employment data through 2018. The EMT/Paramedic career building link has similar data. The Career Builder also provides valuable free information on Resume Building, fastest growing jobs, career development, self-assessment tools and much, much more. Please take a moment to view this valuable resource.

We provide specific links to other websites to help with "family and financial needs" until you complete your education, and after you get a job. You are making significant financial and family sacrifices to obtain a job in one of these rewarding professions, and we want to help. The Family resource links connect to safety, health, finance, legal help, kids only, scholarship and education websites. The Free Money resource links connect to free government funds, housing, education, personal grants, and business grant websites.

Got Job understands that education is critical to success. We provide resource links to College/University and Online Degree websites to connect to thousands of accredited degrees, certificates, courses, colleges, and training programs from online and traditional campus schools.

The job listings resource links connect to Firefighter, Police, Teacher, Nurse, EMT/Paramedic, and Water Rescue jobs nationwide. The Job Bank link connects to another 17 nationwide job listings to assist your spouse, teenage child, college grad, or other family members with potential job information. If you need contact information for any state in the Union, visit Fire State Points of Contacts.

Our Job Related resource links are for professionals in the fire rescue, law enforcement, medical, education, and water rescue industries that are looking for information to enhance their knowledge. If you have a website that can help anyone of us, please submit to "Suggest a Site"If you would like to receive our monthly Got Job Newsletter, please go to our home page to subscribe. 

If you need to certify or renew a CPR license, Got Job offers American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Provider/Renewal courses for the medical professional and Heartsaver Provider/Renewal courses for the workplace provider and parents. 

Check out our partners who provide tools to prepare you for success in your chosen profession, and merchandise to have fun and relax later. The Galls Gear resource link connects to the latest in fire, police, and emergency medical gear, equipment, and uniforms. The Homeroom Teacher resource link connects to quality educational products for parents and instructors at wholesale prices. The Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins resource link connects to essential information for healthcare providers in print and electronic format, including textbooks, journals, CD-ROM, and via intranets and the internet.

Lastly, if you are serious about maximizing your pre-employment performance, check out our firefighter oral interview and psychological exam prep programs. Comprehensive program outlines are provided for your review.

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